Training program

Power up your sales with remote selling

The topics included in the remote sales training program


Sales process

  • The ABC of remote sales process
  • Selling the benefit of a remote meeting to your customer or prospect
  • Understanding the anatomy of remote sales offer
  • Always agree on the next step

Sales rep prep

  • How to build trust?
  • What I should be prepared for?
  • How to prepare to a remote sales meeting?
  • How to influence all the decision makers?
  • How to close sales remotely?

Remote sales material

  • How to remain dynamic?
  • How to retain focus?
  • How to share material after the meeting
"The remote selling program is based on the methods of JULMA consulting. The method is tested in over 60.000 remote meetings."


Timo Sorri

Timo, remote sales expert and consult, is the founder and CEO of Havain. Havain is specialized to creating persuasive and clear b2b sales presentations. He has planned over 200 presentations and sales tool implementation processes to face-to-face and remote meetings.




Antti Seppälä

Antti, serial entrepreneur and founder of JULMA consulting, modernizes b2b sales for the better with rapidly growing companies. More than 60.000 international remote meetings have been held by the Antti’s remote meeting concept.